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Market Equipment by Knights Packaging

Everything you need for your Market stall

Market Stalls

This is an item we still manufacture the steel is 25 x 25 x 2 millimetre. We offer a complete made to measure service.

Here are some of the most popular sizes that we sell.

Measurements are in feet.

10x10 Walk in Stall8x4 Table Stall
20x10 Walk in Stall10x4 Table Stall
20x20 Walk in Stall20x4 Table Stall

These items are generally sold to market traders.

Tarpaulin (stall) Covers

Colours available are as follows: Plain, White, Red & White candy striped, Blue & White candy Striped, Green & White candy striped.

Measurements are in feet. (Measurements in brackets are in metres)
Sizes available are as follows:

12x18 (3.5 x 5.5) Stall Covers8x6 (2.5 x 1.8) Clear Window Sheets
15x20 (4.5 x 6.0) Stall Covers10x6 (3.0 x 1.8) Clear Window Sheets
23x18 (5.5 x 7.0) Stall Covers12x6 (3.5 x 1.8) Clear Window Sheets
30x24 (7.0 x 9.0) Stall Covers12x7 (3.5 x 2.1) Clear Window Sheets
36x24 (7.0 x11.0) Stall Covers14x6 (4.3 x 1.8) Clear Window Sheets
30x45 (9.0 x 14.0) Stall Covers20x7 (6.0 x 2.1) Clear Window Sheets

These covers are mainly sold to market traders, builders, campers, roofers, boatyards etc. They are very useful and very strong.

Market Stall Clips and Protective Clip Covers.

Stall clips have a wide range of uses from securing tarpaulins to hanging garments up.

The clip covers protect the sharp edge of the clips from tearing the tarpaulin.

These items are generally sold to market traders.

Money Bags

These bags are made from a denim material and have four pockets, two that are zipped and two that are open.

People who generally buy this item are market traders, balloon sellers, fair ground stall holders, & workmen etc.

Dayglo Card

We stock a wide range of fluorescent display cards:
This is a list of some of the items:

Dayglo CardDayglo Stars
6 x 4"3"
8 x 5"4"
10 x 12"(1250 mu)6"
20 x 25"(1250 mu)12"

These products are sold to many different retail outlets.

Sale Cards & Marker pens

We stock a wide range of these items:

Marker Pens:Sale Cards
Small Chizel Tip Pen3 x 5"
Small Bullet Tip Pen4 x 6"
Large Chizel Tip Pen5 x 8"
Jumbo Chizel Tip Pen8 x 10"

Pens are available in:
Red, Blue, Black & Green.

Price Gun Machines and Labels

We stock a wide range of machines and labels please call for more information on these items, there are so many different shape labels and different labelling machines too many to itemise here.

These products are sold to most retail outlets all over the country.

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Tel: 07850 133 769
Email: nigel@knightspackaging.com


Unit 18 Liberty Close,
Woolsbridge Industrial Park, 
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